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Omaha Wedding Photos

An intimate Omaha elopement with their closest family and friends.

S and T were originally slated to get married in Greece on the 4th of July, but opted to express their love privately and intimately due to travel restrictions around COVID-19. Among their closest friends and family, they got married at the grooms family’s estate in Omaha, Nebraska.

Beautiful lush floral arrangements from Creative Fleurs accented the piscina

A clean, yet bountifully elegant, design complimented the beautiful home and created a sense of celebration and significance. White roses and eucalyptus draped the tables, steps and made up the bouquet.

Their darling Shiba Inu, Howard, was an integral part of their day.

They said this about their Howie: “Our dog Howie is quite the character. When we talked about having a civil ceremony in the backyard, there was no doubt Howie would be a part of it. He brings so much joy to our little family and we couldn’t imagine him not being with us. We think he enjoyed being part of the as he found himself in so many of the photos; loving the attention”

Couples that are fighting through these times truly inspire me

Couples that can make it through cancellations, rescheduling, plan changes, financial difficulties and still come out strong on the other side are a testament to the power of love and a strong partnership. S and T decided to affirm their love through marriage amidst a pandemic and cancelation of their epic Greecian plans.

Dog wedding photos in Omaha

There is no reason that your elopement or intimate wedding can’t be every bit as elegant and meaningful as your original planned wedding. I love intimate weddings and if you’d like some ideas or advice on how to make your day really shine, I’m always available to chat.

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